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PanIIT Alumni India's "Mentoring Million Minds"

We at TEAM MENTORS believe that mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.

As a parent, your concern is to provide your child good education which is only about keeping the god’s gift in a child intact between the ages of 3 -18 years to ensure development of all the intelligences every child is born with. Thus, all you have to do is to find a way to know your children’s real progress status and ensure that those gaps are filled up and get them to start focusing on learning the clearly articulated concepts of every chapter. Please make your home a reading home!!

A step in this direction is “MENTORING MILLION MINDS” a platform for academically talented and hardworking children under the aegis of PanIIT Alumni India with micro-progress measurement and reporting.

About PanIIT Alumni India

The PanIIT Alumni movement took root in 2002, when some like-minded alumni formed a PanIIT Board. The board organized two events in San Jose (January 2003) and Bengaluru (February 2003), which were highly successful.

The PanIIT Alumni organization was formed as an umbrella organization, covering alumni of all Indian Iinstitutes of Technology, to evolve a brand that would provide strong fraternity among IIT alumni with the key objectives of:

# Nation Building.

# Enhancing the IIT Brand.

# Networking and Alumni Services.

# Providing a forum for Advocacy.

The PanIIT Alumni movement, over the years, has developed and consolidated itself in many ways. It has fully functional chapters in India (PanIIT Alumni India), the US, the EU, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Singapore amongst others. It has organized a slew of global and regional events to permit alumni networking.

Pan IIT Alumni India launches 'Mentoring Million Minds', aimed to be world`s largest Stem Nurturance program. MMM is Pan IIT’s initiative supporting and nurturing talented student, and mentoring a million out of them.

What is Mentoring Million Minds (MMM)?

# MMM is a learner centric ‘classless’ syllabus and assessment system for Math and Science catering to students from Classes VI – X.

# Every child can ‘go back in class’ to start from his/her actual academic level or ‘go higher in class’ to fulfill his/her actual potential.

# Completing even ‘One concept a day’ of math and science will keep the ‘weaknesses’ away.

# Can finish the entire 5 years, Class VI – X syllabus in less than 2 years, spending only about 30 mins. daily!!!

# MMM helps to create time, attention and money (saved) for investment in all round development.

# MMM has uniquely broken down Class VI – X CBSE Math and Science syllabus into about 950 concepts. Interestingly MMM makes additional learning from other curriculums such as ICSE etc.. far easier – one has to study only the additional concepts.

# Each concept is extensively presented at 3 levels:
* Critical Prior Knowledge (Level 0)
* Knowledge of the Concept (Level 1)
* Basic Application of the Concept (Level 2).

# MMM guarantees equal opportunity through – interesting reading content, multimedia practical content and strong diagnostics for self-remedial ‘Automated’ planning of learning transactions.

# The PanIIT Alumni India provides MMM the benefit of searching out the most innovative approach to addressing educational reforms.

What "MMM" means to Parents?

# KNOW YOUR CHILD: a continuous and objective progress reports on your child's achievement available on your mobile phone.

# MENTOR YOUR CHILD: beome your child's hero - know all that she / he wants to know about career, academics, life...

# HAVE A HAPPIER HOME: stress free, multi-dimensional nurturance and engaged parenting is the recipe for happy homes.

The Mentoring Million Program....

# MENTORING MILLION MINDS: The Complete Package...

# MENTORING MILLION MINDS: The “Your Class” Package ....

Should your inquisitiveness have the better of you then please drop in a line to know more…. We will put in our best effort to satiate your appetite for the best possible solution for your child. We will arrange for a comprehensive demo of MMM specially for you!!

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